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East Quoddy Head Light
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Lazaretto Point Light
Last Review Posted Point Bonita Light
If you went to San Francisco and could only visit one lighthouse, Point Bonita should be it hands do...
Lighthouses Visited
  1. Absecon Light
  2. Admiralty Head Light
  3. Alcatraz Island Light
  4. Algoma Pierhead Light
  5. Alki Point Light
  6. Alpena Light (Alpena Breakwater Light)
  7. Ambrose Lightship (LV87)
  8. Annisquam Harbor Light (Wigwam Point Light)
  9. Asylum Point Lighthouse
  10. Au Sable Point Light
  11. Bailey's Harbor Range Front Light
  12. Bailey's Harbor Rear Range Light
  13. Baker's Island Light
  14. Bald Head Light (Old Baldy)
  15. Baltimore Light
  16. Barcelona Light (Portland Harbor Light)
  17. Barnegat Light
  18. Barnegat Light
  19. Bayswater Light
  20. Beavertail Light
  21. Big Bay Point Light
  22. Big Sable Point Light
  23. Blackwell Island Lighthouse
  24. Blake Point
  25. Bluff Point Light (Valcour Island Light)
  26. Bodie Island Light
  27. Bois Blanc Island Light (new)
  28. Bois Blanc Island Light (original)
  29. Boon Island Light
  30. Boston Light (Boston Harbor Light)
  31. Braddock Point Light
  32. Brandywine Shoal Light
  33. Buenos Aires South Breakwater
  34. Buffalo Harbor South Entrance Light (South Buffalo South Side Light)
  35. Buffalo Main Light
  36. Burlington North Breakwater Light
  37. Burlington South Breakwater Light
  38. Burnt Island Light
  39. Cabo de Hornos Light (Cape Horn Light)
  40. Cana Island Light
  41. Cape Arago Light (Cape Gregory Light)
  42. Cape Blanco Light
  43. Cape Canaveral
  44. Cape Elizabeth Light (East Tower)
  45. Cape Elizabeth Light (West Tower)
  46. Cape Froward Light
  47. Cape Hatteras Light
  48. Cape Jervis Lighthouse
  49. Cape Lookout Light
  50. Cape May Light
  51. Cape Neddick Light (Nubble Light)
  52. Cape Vincent Breakwater Light
  53. Castle Hill Light
  54. Cedar Island Light
  55. Cedar Point Light (Replica)
  56. Chapel Hill Rear Range
  57. Charlevoix South Pierhead Light
  58. Charlotte-Genesee Light (Port of Genesee Light)
  59. Cheboygan Crib Light
  60. Cheboygan River Front Range Light
  61. Chebucto Head Light
  62. Christmas Light (Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light)
  63. Cleveland East Breakwater Light (Cleveland East Pierhead Light)
  64. Cleveland West Breakwater Light (Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light)
  65. Cockspur Island Light
  66. Colchester Reef Light
  67. Cold Spring Harbor Light
  68. Conanicut Island Light (North Conanicut Light)
  69. Concepcion Channel Light
  70. Coney Island Light (Norton Point Light)
  71. Conimicut Light (Conimicut Shoal Light)
  72. Conover Beacon (Chapel Hill Range Front Light)
  73. Copper Harbor Light
  74. Copper Harbor Range Lights
  75. Coquille River Light
  76. Crossover Island Light
  77. Crown Point Light (Champlain Memorial Lighthouse)
  78. Cuckolds Light (The Cuckolds)
  79. Currituck Beach Light
  80. Deer Island Light
  81. Delaware Breakwater Light (East End)
  82. DeTour Reef Light
  83. Devil's Island
  84. Devils Island Light
  85. DeWatteville Island Front Range Light
  86. DeWatteville Island Rear Range Light
  87. Digby Wharf Light
  88. Doubling Point Light
  89. Doubling Point Range Lights (Kennebec River Range Lights)
  90. Drum Point Light
  91. Duluth Harbor North Pier
  92. Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Inner Light
  93. Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer Light
  94. Dungeness Lighthouse (New)
  95. Dungeness Lighthouse (Old)
  96. Dunkirk Light (Point Gratiot Light)
  97. Dunkirk Light (Point Gratiot Light)
  98. Dutch Island Light
  99. Eagle Harbor Light
  100. Eagle River Light
  101. East Brother Island Light
  102. East Point Light
  103. East Point Light
  104. Eastern Point Light
  105. Eaton's Neck Light
  106. Elbow of Cross Ledge Light
  107. Elm Tree Lighthouse (Swash Channel Range Front Light)
  108. Erie Land Light
  109. Erie Land Light
  110. Escarpados Light (Playa Larga)
  111. Escollera Oeste S Fin Light (West Breakwater South End Light)
  112. Escollera Sarandi Seawall Light
  113. Esopus Meadows Light
  114. Execution Rocks Light
  115. Fairport Harbor Light (Old Fairport Main Light)
  116. Faro en Playa Parana (Acantilado)
  117. Faro Punta Brava Light (Punta Carretas Light)
  118. Faro Punto Conscriptos
  119. Finn's Point Range Rear Light
  120. Finn's Point Range Rear Light
  121. Fire Island Light
  122. Fond du Lac Light
  123. Fort Gratiot Light
  124. Fort Niagara Light
  125. Fort Point Light
  126. Fort Wadsworth Light
  127. Forty Mile Point Light
  128. Fourteen Foot Bank Light
  129. Fourteen Foot Shoal Light
  130. Fourteen Mile Point Light
  131. Frankfort North Breakwater Light
  132. Frying Pan Shoal Lightship (LV115, WAL537)
  133. George's Island Light
  134. Gloucester Breakwater Light (Dog Bar Breakwater Light)
  135. Grand Haven South Pierhead Lights
  136. Grand Island East Channel Light (South Light)
  137. Grand Island North Light
  138. Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Outer Light
  139. Grand Marais Light
  140. Grand Traverse Light
  141. Granite Island Light
  142. Graves Light (The Graves)
  143. Great Beds Light
  144. Great Beds Light
  145. Great Captain Island Light
  146. Grosse Point Light
  147. Gull Island Light
  148. Gull Rock Light
  149. Halfway Rock Light
  150. Harbor Beach Light
  151. Harbor of Refuge Light
  152. Harbour Town Light
  153. Heceta Head Light
  154. Hendricks Head Light
  155. Hereford Inlet Light
  156. Hereford Inlet Light
  157. Hog Island Light (Paradise Island Lighthouse)
  158. Holland Harbor Light
  159. Horton Point Light
  160. Hudson-Athens Light (Hudson City Light)
  161. Hunting Island Light
  162. Huntington Harbor Light (Lloyd Harbor Light)
  163. Huron Island Light
  164. Huron Lightship
  165. Ile Aux Galets Light (Skillagalee Light)
  166. Ile Parisienne Light
  167. Isla Guafo
  168. Isle la Motte Light
  169. Isle Royale Light (Menagerie Island Light)
  170. Islotes Les Eclaireurs Light (Faro Les Eclaireurs)
  171. Jeffrey's Hook Light (Little Red Lighthouse)
  172. Juniper Island Light
  173. Kenosha Lighthouse (Southport Light)
  174. Kenosha North Pier Light (Kenosha Pierhead Light)
  175. Kewaunee Pierhead Light
  176. Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Light (Portage River Entry Lighthouse)
  177. Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Light (Portage Lake Ship Canal Light)
  178. King Island Light
  179. Lazaretto Point Light
  180. Ledskar
  181. Lime Point Light
  182. Lime Rock Light (Ida Lewis Yacht Club Light)
  183. Little Sable Point Light
  184. Little Traverse Light
  185. Long Beach Bar Light
  186. Long Island Head Light
  187. Lorain East Breakwater Light (Lorain Harbor Light)
  188. Lorain West Breakwater Light
  189. Ludington North Pierhead Light
  190. Magdalena Channel Light
  191. Manistee North Pierhead Light (Manistee Light)
  192. Manistique East Breakwater Light
  193. Manitou Light (Manitou Island Light)
  194. Manitowoc Breakwater Light
  195. Marblehead Lighthouse
  196. Marino Rocks Light
  197. Marquette Harbor Light
  198. Marshall Point
  199. Martin Reef Light
  200. Maugher Beach Light (McNab's Island Light)
  201. McColgan Point Light
  202. Mendota Light (Bete Grise Light)
  203. Menominee North Pier Light
  204. Miah Maull Shoal Light
  205. Michigan City East Pier Light
  206. Michigan Island Light (New)
  207. Michigan Island Light (Old)
  208. Mile Rocks Light
  209. Milwaukee Pierhead Light
  210. Minnesota Point Light
  211. Minot's Ledge Light (Minot Ledge Light)
  212. Montauk Point Light
  213. Montevideo Harbor Inner Breakwater Light
  214. Montevideo Harbor Muelle A Light
  215. Montevideo Light (Cerro de Montevideo)
  216. Morro Nuevo Light (Faro Morro Nuevo)
  217. Mukilteo Light
  218. Munising Rear Range Light
  219. Muskegon South Pierhead Light (Muskegon South Breakwater Light)
  220. Muskegon South Pierhead Light (South Breakwater)
  221. Navesink Twin Lights (Twin Lights of Navesink)
  222. Neenah Lighthouse (Kimberly Point Lighthouse)
  223. New Cape Henry Light
  224. New London Ledge Light
  225. New Presque Isle Light
  226. Newburyport Harbor Front Range Light
  227. Newburyport Harbor Light (Plum Island Light)
  228. Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Light
  229. Nine Mile Point Light
  230. North Point Light
  231. Nyhamn Light
  232. Oak Island Light
  233. Ocracoke Light (Ocracoke Island Light)
  234. Ogdensburg Harbor Light
  235. Olcott Light (Replica)
  236. Old Bailey's Harbor Light
  237. Old Cape Henry Light
  238. Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse
  239. Old Michigan City Light
  240. Old Orchard Shoal Light
  241. Old Port Washington Light
  242. Old Presque Isle Light
  243. Ontonagon Light
  244. Ontonagon West Pierhead Light
  245. Orient Point Light
  246. Oswego West Pierhead Light (Oswego Outer Light)
  247. Outer Island Light
  248. Owls Head Light
  249. Partridge Island Light
  250. Passage Island Light
  251. Peche Island Light (Peche Island Rear Range Light)
  252. Peggy's Cove Light
  253. Pemaquid Point Light
  254. Pentwater South Pierhead Light
  255. Perkins Island Light
  256. Peterhof Lighthouse (Petrodvorets Rear Range Light)
  257. Pigeon Point Light Station
  258. Piney Point Light
  259. Pipe Island Light
  260. Playa del Carmen Lighthouse
  261. Plum Beach Light
  262. Plum Island Light (Plum Gut Light)
  263. Plum Island Rear Range Light
  264. Point Arena Light
  265. Point Au Roche Light
  266. Point Betsie Light
  267. Point Bonita Light
  268. Point Cabrillo Light Station
  269. Point Iroquois Light
  270. Point Judith Light
  271. Point Loma Light (new)
  272. Point Loma Light (old)
  273. Point Montara Light
  274. Point No Point Light
  275. Point Pinos Light
  276. Point Reyes Light Station
  277. Point Sur Light
  278. Point Wilson
  279. Pointe Aux Barques Light
  280. Pointe aux Pins Front Range Light
  281. Pointe aux Pins Rear Range Light (new)
  282. Pointe aux Pins Rear Range Light (original)
  283. Pomham Rocks Light
  284. Ponce de Leon Inlet Light (Ponce Inlet Light)
  285. Pond Island Light
  286. Poplar Point Light
  287. Port Adelaide Light (South Neptune Island Light)
  288. Port Austin Reef Light
  289. Port Clinton Light
  290. Port Sanilac Light
  291. Port Washington Breakwater Light
  292. Portage River Light (Jacobsville Light)
  293. Portland Breakwater Light (Bug Light)
  294. Portland Head Light
  295. Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse
  296. Pottawatomie Light (Rock Island Light)
  297. Predio Ealetita Light (San Miguel de Cozumel Lighthouse)
  298. Prescott Heritage Harbour Light (Prescott Breakwater Light)
  299. Prescott Rotary Light (Prescott Harbor Inner Light)
  300. Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater
  301. Presque Isle Light
  302. Presque Isle North Pier Light
  303. Price's Creek Light (Price's Creek Range Front Light)
  304. Prince's Bay Light
  305. Puerto San Juan Light (El Morro)
  306. Punta Angeles
  307. Punta Condell (Punta Gruesa)
  308. Punta Curamilla
  309. Punta Duprat
  310. Punta Espora
  311. Punta Ninfas Light (Faro Punta Ninfas)
  312. Punta Observatorio Light
  313. Racine North Breakwater Light
  314. Ram Island Ledge Light
  315. Ram Island Light
  316. Raspberry Island Light
  317. Roanoke Marshes Light (replica)
  318. Robbins Reef
  319. Rock Harbor Light
  320. Rock Island Light
  321. Rock of Ages Light
  322. Rockland Breakwater Light
  323. Rockwell Lighthouse (Bray's Point Lighthouse)
  324. Rose Island Light
  325. Rostral Columns
  326. Round Island Light (Mackinac Straits)
  327. Round Island Light (St. Marys River)
  328. Round Island Passage Light
  329. Saint John Coast Guard Base Lighthouse
  330. Sambro Island Light
  331. San Isidro Lighthouse (Cabo San Isidro)
  332. Sand Hills Light (Five Mile Point Light)
  333. Sand Island Light
  334. Sand Point Light (Baraga, MI)
  335. Sand Point Light (Escanaba, MI)
  336. Sands Point Light
  337. Sandy Point Shoal Light
  338. Sanibel Island Light
  339. Santa Cruz Light (Mark Abbott Memorial Light)
  340. Saugerties Light
  341. Scituate Light (Scituate Harbor Light)
  342. Seguin Island Light
  343. Selkirk Light
  344. Seul Choix Point Light
  345. Sheboygan Breakwater Light
  346. Sheffield Island Light
  347. Sherwood Point Light
  348. Sisters Island Light (Three Sisters Island Light)
  349. Sodus Point Light
  350. Sodus Point Pierhead Light (Sodus Outer Light)
  351. South Foreland Light
  352. South Foreland Low Light
  353. Spectacle Reef Light
  354. Split Rock Light
  355. Split Rock Light (Split Rock Point Light)
  356. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
  357. Squirrel Point
  358. St. Augustine Light
  359. St. Joseph North Pier Lights
  360. St. Simons Island Light
  361. Stamford Harbor Ledge Light (Chatham Rocks Light)
  362. Staten Island Light (Swash Channel Range Rear Light)
  363. Statue of Liberty
  364. Stepping Stones Light
  365. Stony Point Light
  366. Stony Point Light (Hudson River)
  367. Straitsmouth Island Light
  368. Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Light
  369. Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead Light
  370. Sturgeon Point
  371. Swift Point Light (Green Head Light)
  372. Tarrytown Light
  373. Tawas Point Light (Ottawa Point Light)
  374. Ten Pound Island Light (Tenpound Island Light)
  375. Thacher Island Light
  376. Thirty Mile Point Light
  377. Tibbetts Point Light
  378. Turtle Island Light
  379. Twin Rivers Point Light (Rawley Point Light)
  380. Two Harbors East Breakwater Light
  381. Two Harbors Light
  382. Two Rivers North Pierhead Light
  383. Tybee Island Light
  384. Umpqua River
  385. Valparaiso Molo de Abrigo (Outer Breakwater)
  386. Vermilion Light
  387. Warwick Light (Warwick Neck Light)
  388. Wawatam Lighthouse
  389. West Bank Light
  390. Whale Rock Light (destroyed)
  391. Whaleback Light (Whaleback Ledge Light)
  392. White Island Light (Isles of Shoals Light)
  393. White River Light
  394. Whitefish Point Light
  395. Wickford Harbor Light (demolished)
  396. Wind Point Light
  397. Windmill Point Light
  398. Winter Quarter Lightship (LV107)
  399. Wisconsin Point Light (Superior South Light)
  400. Yaquina Bay Light
  401. Yaquina Head Light
  402. Yerba Buena Island Light
  403. Zeballos Light