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East Quoddy Head Light
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 Point Bonita Light [ Post a Review
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User's Rating: 10

If you went to San Francisco and could only visit one lighthouse, Point Bonita should be it hands down! The light stands atop a pinnacle of rock on the north side of the mouth of San Francisco Bay.

After you cross the Golden Gate Bridge you leave Hwy 101 and the road snakes its way up into the Marin Headlands affording you spectacular views of the north tower of the Bridge with San Francisco in the background. When you eventually reach the top, you can see the promontory where Point Bonita stands off in the distance. The road continues to wind and twist until you eventually get to the parking lot at the trailhead. At this point, you can't see the Point Bonita light.

From the parking lot, you can go up to the highest point for spectacular views looking down on the lighthouse. On days when there are big waves rolling in from the north Pacific, the view and photographic possibilities from up there are spectacular.

The lighthouse is open for visitors on weekends from 1230-1530 hrs. You walk down a paved path until you eventually come to a tunnel carved through the rock of the promontory. At times when the lighthouse is closed, this is as far as you can get! When the lighthouse is open, you follow the path through the short tunnel in the rock (~50 feet). From the far side of the tunnel, the trail narrows some and continues further downward until it opens and you begin to get views of Point Bonita. Finally, it's across an elevated walkway for a short distance to the end of the promontory. From here, you have to take the suspension bridge across an unpassable section where the trail has fallen away due to erosion to finally reach the lighthouse.

Point Bonita is absolutely spectacular. You get amazing views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco to the east. Under the southern arched end of the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge you can see the Fort Point light. Almost due south you can see what is left of the Mile Rocks lighthouse.

If you get the opportunity, by all means visit the Point Bonita lighthouse. It's a lighthouse visit that you'll NEVER forget!

Review posted by lighthousephoto on Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:20am

 Drum Point Light [ Post a Review
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User's Rating: 10

Drum Point lighthouse has been moved from where it once stood in the waters of Chesapeake Bay to where it now stands atop a pier that is a part of the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Maryland. The lighthouse has been beautifully restored and should be a must visit for any lighthouse lover who happens to be in the area of Solomons. Climbing up to the lighthouse allows you to step back in time, although you have to use your imagination to put water beneath the lighthouse as it originally stood in the waters of the Bay. On the plus side, however, I'm glad that it has been saved and restored. This light is on my list to visit when I have time to go back and photograph the interior (take a flash with you if your camera doesn't have a built in flash). I didn't have one with me and was shooting Velvia 50 in my F5 when the posted photo was taken, which is hardly conducive to photographing the interior of this marvelous light.

Review posted by lighthousephoto on Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:34pm

 Romer Shoal Light [ Post a Review
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User's Rating: 7

Romer Shoal lighthouse is visible from the elevated platform at the north end of Gateway National Recreation Area beyond Sandy Hook lighthouse. The viewing platform is also a great place to watch ships entering and leaving New York Harbor. During the cruise ship season, you can watch the big cruise ships heading out of New York as the pass Romer Shoal lighthouse. If you want to photograph the lighthouse from there, you certainly can. I normally shoot the Romer Shoal lighthouse from there with a 300 mm lens and a 2X telextender off of a tripod. Here's a link to the pages on my website with more photos of the Romer Shoal lighthouse. You can also see Romer Shoal from the Mount Mitchelle Senic Overloop Park up on the Atlantic Highlands but it's really a long way off from there.

If you have the chance to take a trip out on the Atlantic to view this lighthouse, it's much better seen from up close. I've been out on the ocean at this light several times. It's certainly memorable despite the rust and peeling paint. The last photo posted from the first group I sent Cary that looks like it's empty grey gives you an interesting perspective on the relation of Romer Shoal lighthouse and the Verrazano Narrows bridge. Have a look...

Review posted by lighthousephoto on Mon Dec 1, 2008 1:38am

 Cape Lookout Light [ Post a Review
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Avg. Rating: 10.00
Cape Lookout is a spectacular lighthouse. I would note, however that your point of departure to go out there is Harker's Island. Lookout is not on Harker's Island.

Review posted by lighthousephoto on Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:48pm