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East Quoddy Head Light
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Devil's Island
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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General Information
Date Established: 1837
Date Present Tower Built: 1877
Date Automated: 1962
Height of Tower: 45 ft.


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Open to Public?: Grounds only - island is privately owned except for the plot the lighthouse stands on

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Devil's Island, as it is now known has had several different names over the years since it was originally names Rous Island in 1752. One of the owners was named Deval or Devol and his name may have been corrupted to Devil. Whatever the reason, the name Devil's Island stuck. The island is located less than 1000 yards southwest of Harlen Point. A day beacon was exhibited on Devil's Island as early as 1837. The lighthouse on the island was built in 1852 and had an octagonal wood tower approximately 45 feet tall. A white lantern was exhibited with a focal plane of 52 feet. The lighthouse was eventually deemed insufficient and a second light was built approximately 160 yards east of the original light creating a range light to enable ships to clear the Thrum Cap. In 1950, the southwest point light was discontinued. The newer east light was given a flash signature of 3 flashes every 36 sec. The lighthouse was unmanned in 1967 and the iron lantern room was pushed off the top of the lighthouse in 1978 effectively decapitating it.

Submitted by: lighthousephoto Date posted: Sat Dec 6, 2008 Views: 1904