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Sisters Island Light (Three Sisters Island Light)
Chippewa Bay, New York

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General Information
Date Established: 1870
Date Present Tower Built: 1870
Height of Tower: 60 ft.


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Open to Public?: No, private residence

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Sisters Island Light stands on a small island in the St. Lawrence River and is extremely difficult to view from the US to say the least. This light is best viewed from the water. The link to one of the charter services is provided below.

When the lighthouse was built, it was intended to be built of brick but was instead built with limestone, which proved to be more economical. The light was intended to mark this navigational hazard and when it was constructed, the shipping channel passed by the Canadian side of the light. Shortly after the commissioning of the lighthouse the shipping channel was shifted to the US side of Sisters Island. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1959 and replaced by a buoy in the river, at which point the lighthouse was sold and is now a restored, private residence.

Sisters Island is actually a linear set of three small islands that are now linked by concrete walkways.

The two photos shown were both shot with long telephoto lenses. The shot through the pine trees in the extreme foreground was shot at 600 mm. The second shot was taken at a focal length of 1000 mm with the camera on a tripod set up on a dock, which is hardly the most stable platform for a lens of that focal length - hence the image isn't the sharpest by any means.

Long Legg Charters or call 315-482-3677

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