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Islotes Les Eclaireurs Light (Faro Les Eclaireurs)
Ushuaia, Argentina

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General Information
Date Established: 1920
Date Present Tower Built: 1920
Height of Tower: 36 ft.
Height of Focal Plane: 74 ft.


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Open to Public?: Grounds only accessible by boat

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Faro Les Eclaireurs is located in the Beagle Channel east of Ushuaia, the southermost inhabited city on Earth. Porto Williams, Chile on the opposite side of the Beagle Channel contests the claim of Ushuaia. Maybe it comes down to what defines a "city?"

The tower is located atop a small islet that represents a navigational hazard for ships in the Beagle Channel. When we left Ushuaia headed west, eventually, for the Strait of Magellan, we first sailed east and around Faro Les Eclaireurs before turning to sail west in the Beagle Channel.

The light is cylindrical brick painted red with a horizontal white band. The light's flash signature is a white flash every 10 sec that is visible for 7.2 nautical miles.

In the for whatever it's worth department, I decided that when I hit 150 lighthouses posted to this data base I'd make that light one that held special meaning for me... this one is it.

This lighthouse is sometimes referred to as El Faro del Fin del Mundo or the light at the end of the world by tour operators. More accurately, that name should go to Faro San Juan de Salvamento at the eastern end of Isla de los Estados.

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