I originally started LighthouseFans around 2006, and before long, it grew to a database of over 500 lighthouses, many of which were user-contributed. However, it was built upon a poorly-coded paid script, which quickly became outdated. In recent years, I had to shut down the forums, which took up too many server resources. After some thought, I decided against shuttering LighthouseFans, and began developing a new site from scratch late last year.

The latest incarnation of LighthouseFans is mobile-friendly and has a modern look-and-feel. Unlike the previous site, I will be creating the lighthouse entries myself. This means the addition of lighthouses will be a slow process, as it will be dependent on me taking photos [actually visiting each lighthouse] and re-entering data. At some point, I may consider sourcing others' photos or allowing registered users to submit lighthouses, to help expedite growth of the database. Anyone comfortable with writing short historical summaries of lighthouses can help by sending them to me for inclusion on the site.

A major feature carried over from the old site is the ability to add lights to your visited list. You can now do this much quicker, as visited lights can be added from any list, including a personalized page which displays all lighthouse you haven't marked as visited.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.